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Learning Math Online

Mathematics is a subject that is difficult when we learn in school. not even a few students who don't like this lesson. But now everything has changed. The Internet can facilitate us in doing math.

For example in doing Algebra Problems, can help us to do about it. This site is well known in helping solve the problems in doing math problems. students can use their services as much as they want, whenever they need it. Tutoring is available 24x7.

This site can also help us get any Algebra 2 or Algebra 1 Answers. so we would not be too difficult to do and you do not have to worry anymore in doing math. thanks

Pindah Blog

Karena tuntutan peran akhirnya blog personal saya pindahkan ke jadi mulai besok blog ini akan berubah jadi bahasa planet he..he.. moga nantinya di blog baru saya bisa rajin ngeblog lagi.. baik itu update maupun blogwalking.. jadi walaupun blog personal tidak saya anak tirikan (gaya dikit bahasanya he..he..)

So, kawan-kawan bisa langsung ke tkp aja.. terima kasih

Data Recovery Service

You ever imagine if you loss your important data? I’m sure that you can very stress to think about it. In our assumption, if we loss our data we can’t do anything and the earlier thing to do is making a backup before it losses. But, do you ever know about data recovery? For your information, data recovery is the new way to save you data.

The cause of data losing can be various. It can be caused of lost RAID configurations, formatted drive, failed operating software system, and any other problem. In this case, DataRecoveryGroup.Com serves you with three types of recovery services. First is data recovery that explained above. Second is concerning to mac data recovery. We can imagine if we loss our PC data and we don’t know why and how to fix it. The technicians will help you to get mac data recovery for several caused such as reformatted drive, bad sector, accidently deleted the data, and even from physical damages like flood.

Talking about computer, we are also talking about several important elements such as server. Just take your server to the expert and take server data recovery service if you have some problems such as RAID control failure, corrupt problem, or inaccessible drive.

Implementasi ERP

Kali ini saya ingin berbagi tugas mata kuliah sistem informasi akuntansi 2, sebenernya sih bukan tugas individual tapi tugas kelompok.. Tugas ini mengenai ERP dan implementasinya, apa itu ERP? silahkan tanyakan pada om google.. soalnya kalau dijelaskan di sini nanti jadi cerita bersambung he..he..

*padahal yang nulis juga ga ngerti -.-;

Jadi, kalau ingin info lebih lanjut silahkan bisa langsung sedot aja DI SINI.. btw saya juga mau mengucapkan met ultah buat blognya bang ais.. moga sukses selalu bang..

Terus dapet awardnya juga.. maaf bang baru sempet ambil he..he.. btw sekian dulu update blog kali ini.. thank you..


Protect Your Pc

Today the Internet has grown rapidly. Many people who use the internet but much people don't understand security issues in using the Internet. Especially if you your computer to use another person as a friend or your child. you can't always control it. therefore we need a computer spy.

By using computer spy tool on your computer, you can find out what your friends or your children do. But not all computer spy tool that's good. If you have the wrong choosing, your computer will be damaged because you use it later is probably spyware or a virus.

To choose a good computer spy, I suggest you to try on They are experts in the field of computer security, so you don't need to worry about it. thank you

Semoga Jadi Lebih Baik

Hmm.. masih dalam suasana tahun baru.. ini merupakan postingan normal pertama saya di tahun 2010, setelah 3 postingan sebelumnya menggunakan bahasa planet he..he.. setelah cuti beberapa hari karena kesibukan ga jelas.. semoga tampilan baru ini di tahun 2010,bisa membuat saya lebih semangat untuk lebih sering update blog dan meningkatkan kualitas postingan yang lebih bagus..

Tapi sepertinya beberapa postingan tembakan akan masih mewarnai blog ini.. lumayan siapa tau ada yang kena he..he.. kalau review tahun kemaren masih ada beberapa hal yang masih belum tercapai.. semoga bisa diganti tahun ini.. happy new year kawan.. sukses selalu.. thank you

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