Scion XD

The xD replaces non XA People's Party in the Scion. The xB and tC are both good with the sales figures of the car, but never XA. The xD is not as good, but it has positive aspects, which for even more success, that his deceased brother.

Scion xd is a good engine, 128 hp, the right on the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. The adaptation and the end on the xD is consistent with the range of $ 14.000. Thanks to the research, it turned out that Tom's blog auto invoice price of the xD is in the lower $ 13.000 sec, then it is possible to negotiate.

xD 163, fitted with a wheel of your choice 3 Kaps. Everything is customizable car in the shop but the prices are not in balance to the Spare parts for cars like the Caliber, cobalt and citizenship. The good thing about the dealer installed custom, that the articles are not void the warranty and will be for the price of the vehicle for the loan. The Scion stereo has a nice, very nice group of rail. As always, Scion has the finger on the head, the electronics for the car.

xD curtain airbags and side airbags mounted in the front seats to protect in the event of an accident. These are huge amounts of storage space with a ton of small holes Cubby hold your trash. The engine Dacta and you have the question of an international promt and the freshness of the electronic impress your friends. Foreign trade is that you love or hate.

The Scion xD is not bad, not bad at all. Perhaps audi tt hold important role as competitor, but no matters.

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